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Welcome to HelpThru Life

My name is Michael Simpson

The HelpThruLife Series was founded for several reasons the first being that I believe I was supposed to.  Through the years of  working with people I have come to believe that people can change, grow and have more fulfilling lives, relationships and impact on other people’ lives.   We are here to learn, grow and make a difference to the people who are in our world.   It might be one or it might be thousands.   I’m not counting I’m only doing what I’m supposed to be doing.  This my wife Susan and I know,  there were many people who made a difference to us, now we have had the opportunity to give back.  It has been our blessing to give direction, support, coaching and counsel to individuals, marriages/families/children, and relationships.  To tell a little about us here is some information.


I have over 32 years experience and a broad background in the people helping business.  I have participated in the counseling and learning and of thousands of people over the last 32 years in many settings including: residential, outpatient and ministries. I have developed and conducted a significant amount of trainings. I have supervised and trained both large and small groups of professionals and lay workers including:   counselors, educators, corrections and many others.

Through stress, problems, addictions loss, grief. and many other life issues.

I provide seminars, training and retreats for:

* Marriages/ family/ children and parenting.
* Individual support
* Addictive/ compulsive/(worse than I like problems.
* Peer counseling for others who desire to be people/peer helpers.
* Recovery ministry

Credentials/ Education/Qualifications/Experience

MA Marriage and Family Therapy, Antioch University

LICDC,  Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor

BA Ministry, Abilene Christian University

30 Yrs in Ministry


My Bride and Friend For 32 Years

Susan Baby Aaron and Pappaw

With Grandson CalebSusan and I have been married thirty two years.   We have two children and five grand children. We have had the privilege of walking through life with many people.  We believe people can find change and hope.

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