Presentations/ Workshops

I offer groups presentations in many forms including:  Sermon, Seminar,  Workshops/ Trainings

Trainings and Seminars for men’ retreats, marriage enrichment, parenting/ family,  and recovery group / self support ministry

and other various other topics.

All my trainings/ seminars retreats focus on three primary areas: learn a concept, principle, skill…   See it work, and put it into action.    I believe that learning is only useful if it becomes an acquired ability.  I will design and taylor each workshop/ seminar to your people, situation and need.  I can also create a presentation specifically for you.    Presentations can be focused to be dicactic, workshops and or combonations of either. 

The areas of Presentations/ Workshops  I now offer are:


  • Problem Solving
  • support, growth, healing and enrichment
  • Intimacy, Renewal

Men’ Groups

  • Renewal
  • Fellowship Building/  Launching

Recovery Ministry Launching, Startup/ Support and Long Term Stability… How to find attendees and become an asset in your community.


  • Parenting Basics
  • Discipline
  • Nurturing


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