I am available through these contacts.At this point in development here is what can do.

I am available through these contacts.

1.   Leave a message on my toll free number.    I will reply within 12 to 16  hours .    I will receive immediate notification of call and emails.

My Business account number is (937) 368-8478.  Please leave a clear contact name and number , please repeat slow.

2. E-Mail at  We can communicate through email and or establish some type of communication.

3   Local consultation if you are able to come to my area.

4.  Online Meeting through Skype, Face To Face Phone and or Phone.

Complementary/  Introductions Pre-Consultation

The purpose of a pre-consultation meeting and or e-mail is to serve several purposes:

1. To meet me

2. Gain understanding about you and your need.

3. Determine if your situation can best be addressed by Help Through Life.

Pre- Consultation is not to start counseling.   I will tell you if  I think there may be a better way to for you to address your situation.     These interactions will most likely last about 15 minutes.

During the course of our interactions I may give you assignments and reading.


1/2 Hour 25 minutes $30 paid through Pay Pal

1 session 55 minutes $65 paid through Pay Pal

I am willing to barter if you have special need.

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