I Believe That Most Marriages Can Be Pleasurable, Succeed, Grow and Find Healing!

What makes the difference is having knowledge, skills, support and the right interventions for the problems that arise.

HelpThru Marriage is a site committed to couples in all stages of marriage including those: contemplating if they should marry, preparing for marriage, working out the “bugs” in early marriage, needing healing from past or current relationships,  and those contemplating divorce.   Growth change and healing happen through information, encouragement and proper intervention.

Most relationships start with two people who are attracted and work to care and love each other.   They start with the belief that they can work out troublesome and annoying issues.   They care for each other deeply but then start to get stuck in patterns from their upbringing, past relationships, that are fed by faulty cycles of thinking, interacting and acting.

Good experiences can return!  Most couple who work through difficult problems feel even more in love and content.

The Most Difficult Relationships Can Grow and Succeed!

Andy and Brittany Tottensays:

We would like to thank you for your time and support . It’s a long road to recovery, and were just now understanding what it takes to make a marriage thrive . We believe with help from fellowship, and god we can make it against all odds . Lets face it the cards were against us and we was not growing any closer together . We now know with a relationship we can only grow with Jesus in our lives .The blessings that have been layed upon us are just the beginning. As we grow closer in love, and with our lord. Once again we would like thank Mike and Susie for believing and having faith in us.

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